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Becoming a world-class rugby coach requires bags of experience. However if you know the game and have the right attitude, there’s nothing stopping you from getting started! But before you get out on the training field with your team, there are a number of key pointers all coaches should bear in mind. So whatever age and skill you’re working with, spare some time for these top tips ... Warm up, warm down From a young age kids at school are taught the importance of warming up and warming down. As a coach, it is your responsibility to save some time at the beginning and end of training for some aerobic exercises. A quick warm up and down might eat into your valuable training session, but it’s vital for avoiding injury and reducing stress to both the body and mind. Get to know your team Whatever age you’re teaching, it’s crucial to get to know your team. It’s all well and good knowing each of your players by name, but try to understand their strengths and weaknesses. The more you know abo
Head coach Eddie Jones (L) and assistant coach Mark Ella watch players warm up before the start of their game against Australia.j
You’re in shape, you’re pumped up and your team is ready. It’s time to vacate the changing room and lead your team to victory. But as you head onto the pitch one thing becomes clear. You’re going to be up against the elements! Playing football in the wind and rain can be fun, so long as you’re prepared. If not, it’s a completely different ball game! The wind and rain show no mercy, so make sure the elements are on your side with this list of essentials to bear in mind. 1. Footwear is key Whether you’re taking it to the
Rangers' Kenny Miller in action with Hearts' Alim Ozturk.
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The end of the month is here, and that means it’s time for one thing and one thing only - Mitre’s goal of the month! This month the EFL and SPL have shown no mercy when it comes to providing us with some spectacular goals. So without further ado, here is our top 3 goals of the month … Bronze Hogan - Brentford Clenching the bronze spot this month is Scott Hogan for Brentford. Well, the bronze should really be distributed between all of Brentford's players, as this goal against Blackburn is a perfect examp
Skip to 2.10 to see Hogan clench bronze.
Skip to 0.10 to see Lookman slot one away for Charlton Athletic.
The role of a goalkeeper is quite simple, protect your net. But with a team of 11 players raining down shot after shot, this can be quite a challenge. The goalkeeper has one of the hardest positions on the pitch. Their team, the coaches and their fans count on them game after game to put their body on the line - literally! So we’ve decided to dedicate our time to 3 of the best keepers the EFL has to offer this season, and appreciate some serious talent between the sticks. David Stockdale - Brighton & Hov
Adam Smith of Northampton Town Makes a diving save.

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