Mitre Launch Personalised Football – The Ideal Gift

It seems like every kid remembers their first Mitre football but imagine if that football had been personalised just for them? Imagine if it was waiting for them on Christmas morning? We are delighted to announce that we will now be offering you the chance to order personalised footballs at Better yet, they’re available for a special offer price, with more than enough time to get them before Christmas.

Here in the UK, playing with your Mitre football is as much a part of growing up as climbing trees and scraped knees. Every kid remembers their first Mitre football and this Christmas, that football can be personalised with their very own name. Our personalised balls retail at just £30 with them coming in blue, green and red. They’re fantastic for Christmas, birthdays, glowing reports and football victories. Whatever your little superstars are celebrating, you can present them with their very own commemorative ball. There are few better presents for Christmas than a brand new Mitre football and now that ball can be personalised just for them?

So what are you waiting for? Tell us their name and choose a personalised ball today. They’re the perfect gift for football mad fans of all ages and they’re available now. You can buy them here >

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