The definitive guide to mastering the volley

The definitive guide to mastering the volley

The volley really is a showstopper. Scoring from a volley comes once in a blue moon for most players, but when it does happen, you can be sure the crowd will be up on their feet with their mouths wide open. Mastering this form of aerial acrobatics takes a lot time and some serious skill. Make it easier for yourself in the air with out definitive guide to pulling off the perfect volley!

Step 1: Decision

It is crucial that you make your mind up early when going for the volley. Most volleys occur in an attacking position, so you must give yourself enough time to set up for the strike. Remember, every second counts! Once the decision has been made, keep your eyes locked on the ball.

Step 2: Positioning

You’ve decided you’re going for the spectacular, now to pull it off, it is imperative you position yourself correctly. The perfect position will vary depending on the flight of the ball. Maybe you’ll need to face the ball head-on, or perhaps you’ll be running into the box from the side and connecting with the ball at a right-angle position.  Understand your surroundings as this might have an impact on your positioning.

The definitive guide to mastering the volley

Step 3: Connection

This most important step – the connection. For the perfect strike your leg should be bent slightly with toes pointing down. Keep your ankle firm and your non-kicking foot in contact with the ground. Aim to hit the centre of the ball; if you end up skimming the ball it’s likely to swing wide. Be sure you follow through in the direction of your target.

Remember, the perfect volley can come in all shapes and sizes. The speed and direction of an incoming cross can both play a part in your positing. It might even be the case that the ball is dipping behind you so a bicycle kick is needed!

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