The perfect technique: 4 tips for mastering the curved free-kick

The perfect technique: 4 tips for mastering the curved free-kick

When executed correctly, the curved free-kick is a thing of beauty. Having the ability to ping the ball around the the wall and back inside the post takes some serious skill – alongside a lot of practice! So here at Mitre we have decided to make it easier for you. Next time your team needs you to step-up to the mark, make sure you’re ready with these essential pointers.


First things first, pick a target. It’s all well and good having the ability to strike the ball with precision, but it takes real talent to locate the best possible target. Study the goal line. Get to know where the goalkeeper and wall are positioned. Get to know the keeper before the game starts, study his previous matches and lookout for any weak points!


Line yourself up correctly. If you’re right-footed you want to be angled slightly to the left of the ball – and visa versa if you’re left-footed. Give yourself about three-steps for a run-up. Players have their own unique styles and techniques when it comes to run-ups, eventually you will find out what works best for you.    


The hardest part of the free-kick is getting the ball to curve around or over the wall. This all comes from the motion of your swing. As you approach the ball make sure you are facing slightly wide of the target. Kick from your hip and use your upper leg to generate most of the power. You can generate the curve through swinging your leg in the direction that you want to curve the ball. Be sure you curve your foot in the same direction so the ball rolls up your foot. Finally, make sure you follow through! Remember this will take a lot of practice, so don’t be put off when you don’t get it the first time.  


Putting all of your attention into the motion of your swing can easily lead to a lack of judgment when it comes to power. The more curve you want on the ball, the more power you have to sacrifice. You generate the most power through hitting the ball straight, so the straighter you hit the ball the harder it will fly! Bear this in mind when calculating the amount of curve and power needed.

There’s no denying it. Mastering the curved free kick takes a lot of practice! But don’t let this put you off. Once you get to grips with your positioning and placement, scoring spectaculars will shortly follow. Get yourself the Mitre Folding Free Kick Dummies and Mitre Foldable Metallic Goal to really up your game. 



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