How to train like a top-flight footballer

How to train like a top-flight footballer

There is no denying it, football is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. It requires 90 minutes of mud, sweat and (occasionally) tears – and that is not to mention the hours of training put in before the game. There are a number of key attributes and areas that top-flight footballers must work on if they are to  make it at the top level. The effort players put in on the training ground will echo their performance on the pitch. So footballers, take note, here is our guide to training like a pro …


Strength is often forgotten about when it comes to football. Strength relates to both power and speed. Not only will training strength help players hold of their opponents, but it helps players become injury resistance, retain energy and improves balance, stability and agility. To train strength focus on the compound, functional exercises, such as the squats, the lunges and the pull-ups.

How to train like a top-flight footballer How to train like a top-flight footballer How to train like a top-flight footballer
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Speed and agility

Football is a fast-paced game. And it is clear that the faster players have a cutting edge over their opponents. Speed ties in with power, the more powerful the player, the formidable and explosive they are on the pitch. When training speed and agility, try and incorporate the compound exercises into your endurance training. When doing your circuit training, throw in a few high intensity intervals, incorporating lunges, jump-squats and press-ups.


When it comes to training like a professional footballer, it is crucial to think about your actions off the pitch. A healthy lifestyle is essential. First and foremost, keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water even when you are not training. When it comes to eating, try to avoid eating just before training and just before going to bed. Create a meal plan. Eat after every training session, and try to include protein, fruit, veg and whole grains into each of your meals. Starchy carbs are ok in moderation, especially before a big game. And of course, try to avoid sugars!

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