Picking The Right Equipment For Grassroots

This week our guest blog comes from one of our trusted suppliers, Mysportswear.

What makes a great footballer… well, great? Is it the skills they hold when coming face to face with the ball… or is it something more? Is it the confidence and pride that’s gained from the moment the player puts on their team’s kit, and the knowledge that what they are wearing is more than just some colours and a number, but a stamp of approval and acceptance, helping them perform and feel like they are part of something fantastic?

Behind The Kit

We believe it’s a player’s kit that helps them achieve great things on the pitch. Here’s why we think that the perfect kit is essential to help a player perform to the best of their ability.


To ‘play good’ a player has to feel good. We can provide you with the perfect kit, designed with comfort and agility in mind. We have kits for every player and every position, whether it’s playing from left mid to being the goalkeeper, to training in wet or warm conditions, or even sitting on the bench, we can help provide something tailored to any aspect of the game.

Mitre’s Pro Flow technology utilises breathable performance materials that absorbs sweat from the body to keep you comfortable and as dry as possible throughout your intense game or training session. With minimal outer distraction, and the ‘feel good’ factor of its fashionable design, you’ll see improved performance as you’re more focused on the game, whilst looking the part.

Staying protected

Much like any other sport, things can go wrong so pieces of equipment like shin guards are an essential to help avoid painful leg injuries from an awkward slide tackle. If your players are to play to the best of their ability, it’s import ant to make sure that they can play to the best of their ability by making sure their health and safety comes first. This is a must for even the topmost professional players.

Mitre developed their ProShield technology in order to protect players in all weather types. The performance fabric was specially chosen to protect you throughout the winter months when games are cold, icy and damp. You can find out about our unique innovations like proshield and much more here!

A Grassroots Identity

Help your younger players feel like an important piece of the team by making them unique on the pitch. Their very own personalised Mitre kit will encourage your young ones to continue training in their spare time. Putting your young player’s very own name and number on their kit will help them feel like they belong and help them perform to the best of their ability.

We know that picking the right kit can be difficult. We have provided some of the best pieces of kit to help players on the field. With a variety of long and short sleeve shirts, we have something to help you perform well in any weather. By personalising your kit we believe that it can make a huge difference in the way team performs, and by working closely with a number of partners, such as Mysportswear we can bring your personalisation dreams to life – from numbers and club crests to sponsorship logos.

Getting the right ball

200 years ago, Mitre crafted their very first football. Since then, their footballs have become their brand, and have constantly been crafting, designing and developing in many different ways, as we continue trying to improve the performance of the balls footballs on the pitch, in terms of speed accuracy and durability.

Mitre offer a range of widely tested footballs to help any player perform better than they ever did before, and with the option of a personalisable ball. The personalised footballs are perfect for individuals, clubs, teams and squads! If you are looking for anything that we have discussed about in this blog, you can order online or get in contact with us here.

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