What is the difference between the Mitre Delta Max, Delta and Delta replica ball?

It takes a unique individual to truly understand the answer to the question: “what is the difference between the Mitre Delta Max, Delta and Delta Replica ball?” But in case you’re not that unique, we’re going to give you the lowdown.

It’s more than price!

Faced with the choice, the ‘obvo’ difference between Mitre’s Delta Max, Delta and Delta Replica footballs is the price; Delta Max £115, Delta £35, Delta Replica £12.25, but it’s much more than that, so get comfy, here are key differences in the product make up and what they are…

The Delta and Delta Max

Mitre’s Delta and Delta Max balls have a high-quality construction for both performance and durability. They have been FIFA Quality Pro approved and you can see the stamp of accreditation displayed on the footballs. The FIFA Quality Pro stamp is the highest standard awarded for a match ball and includes rigorous testing which the ball needs to test positively against including weight, circumference, roundness, bounce, water absorption, loss of pressure and shape and size retention. Therefore, if the ball doesn’t hit the back of the net, you can be sure it’s not the balls fault.

Mitre's Delta Football on football pitch.

Another difference with these footballs to the Delta Replica is that the Delta and Delta Max are produced with Hyperseam technology. This technology involves a combination of bonding and machine stitching creating fully sealed seams to improve sphericity and for near zero water update to allow for better control and consistent performance in play. The Delta and Delta Max have laminated bladders that help with improved feel and power in games. These top-level balls use Hyperfoam, a dual foam lined construction that provides a soft feel, that can offer outstanding control over touches when it comes to passing and shooting.

But why is the Delta Max more, really?

Mitre's Delta Max Football on pitch

The Delta Max is Mitre’s ‘crème de la crème’ and is played in professional level tournaments such as the Championship and the FA Cup. The main difference is the outer materials and surface. The Delta Max has an outer material made of a microfibre PU that provides consistency in performance across the season. The microfibre is more durable than the non-microfibre PU that the Delta has and is more protected against scruffs and scratches. The Mitre Delta and Delta Max use a deboss surface texture to ensure greater stability in flight, unlike the Delta Replica.

The Replica

A Mitre Delta Replica ball always uses the same graphic design as it’s Delta Max equivalent but there are some significant differences in construction and ball play between the two. Firstly, the Delta Replica football uses a simpler construction method, machine stitched using a 30-panel configuration making this football ideal for training drills. The inner is made of a butyl bladder that cannot be inflated to the same high pressures of the Delta Max and Delta, making it more forgiving for a younger footballer, however it doesn’t have the same power as the Delta Max or Delta. That is firmer than the Delta or Delta Max ball to increase its durability and longevity.

You can shop the full Delta range here.

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FIFA Quality Pro StampXX
High Performance MaterialsXX
Microfibre PU OuterX
PU OuterXX
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