3 Tricks To Kickstart Keepy-Ups

3 Tricks To Kickstart Keepy-Ups

Hey, how’s it going in your lockdown adventure? Danny here, and I’m taking over the Mitre blog with some tricks and tips – we’re going to come out of this with some very talented footballers, full of tricks, maybe weighing a little more but we will still have the skills learnt from our Mitre journey together.

Obviously, most footballers and freestylers begin their tricks with the ball at their feet so today (and for the next few days) depending on how much you challenge yourself we are going to look at 3 different ways to start keepy ups.

The Mitre size 4 football is perfect for these 3, I’m talking too much now, so let’s crack on.


Number one, uno, Eins…

This is the most common one out there, like the bread to butter, like Romeo to the Juliet this is the chip to the keepy ups….that was bad, I know, but this is the first blog, stick with me….it will get better, honest!

For this skill you want to use your Stronger foot, I know we all say were “both footed” but lets be honest, we have a preference, mine is my RIGHT foot, so you place the sole of your stronger foot directly on top of the ball, don’t be scared to apply pressure, the more the better! Now… ROLL the ball black and you want to quickly get your foot (first 3 toes) from the top of the ball to the bottom, a little similar to scooping that last bit of ice-cream out of the tub last week, you want to scoop your foot under the ball! If it helps, bend your toes towards you, this mentally helps too, if you are then stretching for your next touch on the ball you need to improve your scoop under the ball. Once you have height on the ball. “WALL-UH” you can begin all those tricks you have been watching on our Facebook and Instagram page.

It’s a difficult technique…. So WELL DONE.

If you want to make that look a little cooler, impress your mates, then when you roll it back with your right foot, use your other foot to perform the chip, really easy and effective. See how high you get the ball in the air from the scoop / chip, best one wins…. you`ve guessed it…another blog from myself…you lucky thing!


Number two, deux, dos…

This one sounds harder than it is, the “chip” part is just making me think of the chocolate chip cookies I need to bake, right, concentrate Danny, the readers are not bothered about that!

This skill takes patience, but you’ve got this, ready…. Places the ball a yard in front of you, now put your right foot on top of the ball, you need to get enough pace in the roll back so make sure its firm, now roll it back and quickly take your foot OFF the ball and plant your right foot crossed over your left, (so the ball is heading towards your left foot) now the chip part! With your left foot, bend your knee slightly and as the ball hits your foot you want to angle it so you get your big toe under the ball and your little toe is on the floor, and LIFT up!  If you do not get enough speed on the initial roll back it wont work, to recap, roll back with right foot, place right foot over left foot in front, and lift ball with left foot, it should be mainly with your left big toe and side of foot to chip! At the start it may look a little like you are trying to do a dance, like the cha-cha-slide, have you guys even heard of that song? I’m showing my age now, YouTube it, cha-cha-slide!


Last one number 3, tres, troi…(do you know what languages I’m using) if you do then give me two footballers from those countries!

I LOVE this skill, when you manage to master it your friends will be so jealous you will have to teach them as well! If you are more a visual learner feel free to watch the videos or get in touch for more help!

Again, the crossover for this is similar to number two, but you want to split the ball in half first mentally. Step one is to back heel the left side of the ball at the front, when you back heel the ball with your right foot you are aiming for your planted left foot (was going to make a joke about your doing some gardening but I’ve put you through enough bad jokes in this blog so far) you want the ball to go up your left little toe and up your leg, this will cause the ball to spin and go up into the air enough to showboat your skills and keepy ups like Ronaldo and Messi! The back heel needs to be powerful enough to spin up your leg, but keep your left foot planted on the floor, and once you back heel place your right foot crossed over your left out the way!

You can then turn it into a keepy up competition and when your ready to score that goal top bins, volley it into the top corner of your mitre goal or even better hit it against might mitre rebounder and it then makes me practice my control as it fires back at me!

Danny – DF Sports Coaching

Have a go at all 3… enjoy and remember to send your attempts into to us!

See you all on the next blog when we are looking at mastering the rainbow but with a twist!!!

Danny, DF Sports Coaching
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