Ultimate Indoor Football Challenges

Ultimate Indoor Football Challenges

I am back, it’s me…Danny, the football trickster with the bad jokes, I mean we can’t be good at everything can we? But one thing you’ll be excelling at after lockdown is those football skills outside and inside the house, you heard right…INSIDE the house.

Today I have a few challenges and the best bit is you do not need a football for any of them, although I would recommend practising with a smaller football after and comparing your scores!

I told you to stop me dribbling on in these blogs!  (See what I did there…dribbling, ha, I’ll stop, sorry). Let us crack on with the first challenge.

#1 The Stair Challenge

If you live in a bungalow…then…erm…try the roof? For most, you will need the following:

  1. A Staircase (If you live in the US and have those big 2353 step staircases with a chandelier above, then I would just use the basement staircase, save yourself the hassle).
  2. 1 toilet roll
  3. 1 pair of socks
  4. A scrunched-up piece of A4 paper
  5. 1 tennis ball
  6. Easter egg (if you have any left).

You then need to pick your level:

  • Beginner – Laundry basket
  • Intermediate – Household bin
  • Advanced – Bathroom Bin.

You need to stand at the top of the stairs with all 5 football replacements, please do not attempt this challenge if under the influence of alcohol, it is a long way down, trust me! Currently writing this blog from my hospital bed, bring grapes please, green ones.

Place your target at the bottom, and you are going to start with the piece of paper, using right foot, inside! Danny: 3 attempts.

Next, the socks, I hope you have washed them, are they Mitre socks? They better be! This one is left foot inside. Danny: 6 attempts.

Moving on….can you guess which is next, clue…go on then…it is used at Wimbledon, easy right…the Tennis ball. This needs to be a back-heel, honestly, it’s a good feeling when it drops into that basket, not the same as scoring a 90th minute cup final goal, but it will do for lockdown. Even bin day is exciting at the minute, it is recycling week this week by the way. (Can get rid of all that Mitre packaging ha-ha). Danny: 9 attempts.

Ooooo were getting harder, the toilet roll! I recommend Andrex, great bounce, not the best for headers, but can hit a sweet volley. This one is laces, I hit a beauty, reminded me of Steven Gerrard a few years ago, cup final, 40 yards out, again use YouTube if you have no idea what I’m on about. Danny: 11 attempts.

Lastly, we have the Easter egg; they are on offer in the shops. Get yourself down there, jog there and back so you earn the pleasure of eating it after trying to beat me in this challenge. Trying to be the key word there, as you have guessed I am competitive.  I recommend not using someone else’s egg either, my girlfriend still hasn’t spoke to me. For this one you need to try do it in one shot, any part of the foot, but add a skill first, I did a step-over then believe it or not placed it straight in, on top of a towel. If it does smash, then let’s take the positive, you don’t need to break it up when eating it.Danny: attempts 1.

Can you get it into the basket? How many attempts did it take?

Bonus point if you can do the stair shuffle challenge like Oxlade Chamberlain.

If you are still with me, then I think it is time for another bad joke, ready, you sure…What do you call a woman with a tile on her head? RUTH!!!!!!

I’m sorry. Back to the blog…

#2 The Washing machine challenge

For this you need a washing machine or tumble dryer and a tea towel. Firstly, we need to roll the tea towel into a ball shape, watch video below:

Turning your tea towel into a ball!

Go as far back as you can, add some defenders, I had Mr Hovis, Miss Weetabix and Mr coco pops across the back 4!!! Set your stance like Ronaldo about to take a free kick, and try and get your foot under the ball, I mean tea towel enough to fire it into the back of the net, sorry I mean washing machine. Lockdown has got to me, can you tell.

This is great to practice with both feet and work on your technique of power and lofting the ball (tea towel).

It is a lot harder than it sounds, I took me around 20 goes, but it was 7am and I didn’t stretch before hand, that’s my excuse. 20th shot I lined it up, right foot,  and smash, It hit the rim and nestled in the back of the machine, VAR checked it (the cat) and allowed the goal, you can imagine the scenes, I celebrated with a bowl of golden grahams and Yorkshire tea!

Challenge 2 – Washing Machine Challenge

That’s it for this week folks, again thanks for reading, ill work on the jokes for next week, in the meantime head over to our social media pages which we are updating frequently to keep you all entertained.

Keep safe, stay home, and lets practice…the Mitre way.

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