Mitre’s bend it like Beckham!

Mitre’s Bend it like Beckham

Everyone at one point in their life has hit a football over an obstacle. It could have been a garden bin or your mum putting the washing out and shouted “Beckhammmm”, “Ronaldooooo”, or even the popular “Messsiiiii” as you pull your t-shirt over your head and slide onto the grass in celebration.

I guarantee you have actually tried it several times and every now and then you have nestled it into the top corner of the goal, but I also know for certain attempts you have hit it over the fence and had to ask 82 year old Ethel next door for your ball back…even worse through your dad’s shed window. Is he still moaning about it?

Do not worry, the football will be back on soon, he’ll forget about it.

You not only want to hit it with spin, but also power so that it curls or dips over any obstacles in your way! Why don’t you pop the kettle on (mine is 2 sugars) and treat yourself to 30 minutes of  YouTube, watching some of the best free kick takers in action, Messi, Ronaldo, Beckham, Roberto Carlos…then come back here and free kick, lockdown hero 2020, Danny Fagan will talk you through the technique, but remember in order to achieve the same style as these guys you need to practice, practice, practice.

Man playing football with a mitre ball for training.

How to curl the ball


Some players have a specific way of placing the ball, I like to see the Mitre logo so I can split the ball mentally in my head, Ronaldo likes to hit the valve entry, some players like to place it down and make eye contact with the wall, so just create a personal way to you.

Run Up

This is different to a normal free kick or just a shot, you want to angle your run slightly so I would suggest taking 2 big steps/strides back, and 1 to the side…now you are ready, take a deep breathe, you are into the last 2 minutes of the FA cup final at Wembley and have won a free kick on the edge of the box.

The Strike

I always say if you are aiming for a corner, aim a little away from it so that when you get the spin on the ball it will hit your target perfect. You want to use your hands also and connect the ball with the front of your inside, almost like the side of your big toe and below. You want to hit the ball in the centre, at the bottom, slightly to the left if you are using your right foot like me. This creates some spin on the ball so that it curls away from the goalkeeper. I would use some Mitre mannequins in your wall and then just put your mum’s cat in goal, they have great reflexes. The cat. Not your mum. Please don’t put your mum in goal.

After strike – Follow through

It doesn’t just finish of there. Oh nooo. You need to keep your striking foot going through the ball to create that curl towards your target. You will, after several skied and miss-hit free kicks, know when to release your foot and kicking action. Everyone has a different style, if you look at most premier league players their styles are all unique so make sure you find yours.

Have fun practicing those free kicks, I can just imagine your celebration after a curled, free kick, top bins. High fiving your mum’s flowerbed as if you are at Wembley.

Keep safe, stay home, and lets practice…the Mitre way.

Danny, DF Sports Coaching
FACEBOOK: DF sports coaching UK

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