Top 10 football stadiums in the WORLD!


Everyone has a childhood memory of their first football match, and as a child you believe your hometown clubs stadium is the best thing since sliced bread, actually at that age, I did like my sliced bread, good old jam sandwich…without the crusts.

My first memory was “a cold Tuesday night!” we were at home at the famous Goodison park, I had gone on the train and remember walking up the concrete steps, seeing the lights all around the stadium and hearing Z-cars play around the ground as the players lined up, so lets get into it then, which stadium really is the best in the world…


What a start. This Stadium is magnificent, and a dream on the eye. Its like the way you have been looking at the pub garden over lockdown. It is one of the most intimidating places to go for away fans, and players with a whopping 87,000 capacity the atmosphere is electric on game day.


You have all seen it… the famous Borussia Dortmund fans, shoulder to shoulder bouncing in the stand that holds an incredible 25,000 fan, all standing. That is just one stand, imagine the atmosphere in the whole stadium. This stadium needs to be one on your bucket list, I actually had a guest stay at my house a few months ago, he was visiting all the European stadiums and said this was a stadium “like no other”


Weather you are a red devil or not I think many football fans love an away day at United, the stadium is renown for showcasing some of the best players of our generation, and being up close and watching them on the holy turf that looks like carpet is truly mesmerising. Hey…even better, add a pint and a pukka pie in at half time and you are living the dream. Even though it’s a great big stadium you still feel in close proximity to the pitch, a fantastic atmosphere from home fans makes it a daunting place to travel, and with the football on display it doesn’t get its name “The theatre of dreams” from anywhere.


Wow! Where do we start with this jaw dropping masterpiece? The Allianz is home to Bayern Munich, and is very unique with the outer plastic panel around the stadium that can change colour depending on what team is playing, very cool for those late night kick offs, especially the champions league  matches. A ear ringing atmosphere around the stadium is evident and no wonder a number of important games have been played here over the years including champions league finals.


So, this is a hard one to write, as most of you know I’m avid toffee, yes….im a big Everton fan. But there is no denying that Anfield is a fortress. Especially when the reds come together in the stands and belt out their “you`ll never walk alone” it really is like having a 12th man on the pitch, although I wouldn’t recommend any of them rushing on to x factor. A fun fact for you all, it used to be home to Everton FC before we moved to Goodison park after a dispute.


This is a very iconic stadium and is home to the Brazilian national team. The stadium has seen some of the worlds best footballers perform their tricks there and with crowds of over 100,000!!!! It’s the second largest stadium in South America, check out the world cup match here in 1950 between Brazil and Uruguay, it’s a nail biter.


You guessed it! I bet you were scrolling down the list waiting for this one, many go to Madrid just for a weekend match or a stadium tour. You can get some good deals if you go at the right time. Its home to the incredible Real Madrid, the stadium originally opened in 1947 but has been renovated since a few times. Zidane, Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale…. the list goes on, some real big names have played for this club.


I was a little unsure about where to put this, but let’s face it, there is no way I could have left this out, its easily in the top 5 in the world. It replaced white hart lane, and with a capacity of over 62,000 it is the largest in London. The seats are only 5m from the grass, something you rarely see in most modern stadiums now. The stadium also hosts 16 unrelated football events each year, so its defiantly not just one for football fans.


Oooooo!!! I bet most thought this would be number 1, didn’t you? Home to one of the worlds best football teams….Barcelona. You can’t have one of the best football teams without one of the best football stadiums can you now. They once had over 120,00 in there for a world cup final in 1982 but after standing guidelines changed it has since been reduced. But that doesn’t stop them filling out the stadium most games and creating a ear ringing atmosphere, one that defiantly needs to be visited in your footballing experiences. Two players that spring to mind that have graced the hollowed turf are Messi and Diego Maradona. For those that are too young to know who he is…. Get your iPad out, and get on to YouTube, he is not just famous for his handball.


The moment you have all been waiting for, although many will argue that the old Wembley had a much better atmosphere, this stadium still stands as one of, if not, the BEST in the world.

Home to England national team the three lions, it has a capacity of 90,000 and is without doubt a stadium that is known all over the world. The famous Wembley Arch shadows the stadium and can be seen miles before entering the ground, I remember my first England game, the excitement as you get off the tube and see the arch is like being a kid a Christmas again!!!!

Its recognised as not only a football stadium but a world class venue, hosting finals, gold medal matches, concerts, NFL, and much more. Fun fact, there are 107 steps the players need to climb to get their winners medals, imagine that after 90 minutes. It also has 34 bars, so you won’t be queuing long for a ice cold, half time beverage.

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