Sam Duffy

Impress On The Wing!

When it comes to bossing the flanks, there are a number of secrets that all wingers should be aware of. Controlling the wing requires stamina, speed and undeniable skill. It’s a position that separates the men from the boys. Positioned next door to the crowd, a winger must brace themselves for harsh chants from furious fans and even harsher tackles from desperate defenders. Give yourself the best possible chance out on the flanks, with these crucial hints and tips:   Create chances As a winger you must be capable of... Read More

How To Take The Perfect Corner

On average, there are 11 corners during a 90-minute football match. They present excellent attacking options for the team on the attack and can prove a nightmare for those trying to defend. Whatever position you play, it’s crucial you’re aware of your role when it comes to the inevitable corner. If you and your team are on the attack, you really need to be on the ball!  Corners are perfect goal-scoring opportunities. They require you to use your initiative, communicate and above all, work as a team. Without practice, you’ll... Read More

Relegation Great Escapes

The season is drawing to a close in the English Football League which means there is a lot to fight for! Whether clubs are battling it out for automatic promotion and play-off positions, or find themselves at the foot of the table fighting for League survival, the next few weeks in the Football League promise to be entertaining. Whilst it remains mathematically possible every fan will be hoping their club can start to string a set of results together to lift them out of, or away from, the relegation places.... Read More

How To Rule The Pitch – Referee Tips

The football pitch isn’t just home for the players and the fans. Working as a referee can be just as rewarding as actually playing the game. But bear in mind, the referee has the most important role on the pitch. As a ref, it’s your job to ensure the game runs smoothly and make all of the decisions. Whatever you say, goes! A referee must have a number of imperative skills and attributes if they are to successfully rule the pitch.  So, have you got what it takes? Decisive Probably the most important... Read More

How To Speed Up Your Recovery

Within a sport as fast-paced as football, you’re bound to witness the odd injury. Sadly, 99% of the time there’s simply no avoiding it. And if you’re unlucky enough to fall victim to injury, you need to make sure you know what’s best when it comes to recovery. Recovery can be both physically and mentally painful. As much as you want to grab your boots and head back out onto the field, it’s important you let your body fully recover. Running back to the beautiful game too early can end... Read More