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Picking The Right Equipment For Grassroots

This week our guest blog comes from one of our trusted suppliers, Mysportswear. What makes a great footballer… well, great? Is it the skills they hold when coming face to face with the ball… or is it something more? Is it the confidence and pride that’s gained from the moment the player puts on their team’s kit, and the knowledge that what they are wearing is more than just some colours and a number, but a stamp of approval and acceptance, helping them perform and feel like they are part of... Read More

The Best Attacking Formations For Your Club

It is often said that attack is the best form of defence, so why not go all out? Used within a confident and prepared team, an attacking formation can cause a lot of problems for your opponents. But without the right preparation, your defence could be left hang out to dry! Here is our rundown of some of the most successful attacking formations found in football. 4-2-3-1 The 4-2-3-1 mixes attacking precision with defensive solidarity. In order for this formation to come off, your fullbacks need to be fast, explosive... Read More

So you want to be a rugby coach?

Becoming a world-class rugby coach requires bags of experience. However if you know the game and have the right attitude, there’s nothing stopping you from getting started! But before you get out on the training field with your team, there are a number of key pointers all coaches should bear in mind. So whatever age and skill you’re working with, spare some time for these top tips … Warm up, warm down From a young age kids at school are taught the importance of warming up and warming down. As... Read More



The rugby tackle is an indispensable part of the game. Secondary-schools and clubs up and down the country have been teaching children how to tackle safely for years. However there’s no denying it: tackling is the most dangerous element of the game. But worry not! Staying safe and avoiding injury whilst on the field is easy – as long as you get your techniques down to a T. Here at Mitre, we have broken down the rugby tackle into 3 simple steps that anybody can follow! Now, before we start,... Read More

Tips For Playing Football During The Winter Months

You’re in shape, you’re pumped up and your team is ready. It’s time to vacate the changing room and lead your team to victory. But as you head onto the pitch one thing becomes clear. You’re going to be up against the elements! Playing football in the wind and rain can be fun, so long as you’re prepared.  If not, it’s a completely different ball game! The wind and rain show no mercy, so make sure the elements are on your side with this list of essentials to bear in... Read More

The Perfect Present For Future Football Stars

Buying presents in this day and age can be tough. With so many options on the market, choosing the perfect gift can be a real struggle. And when it comes to buying presents for football stars, what more do they need? More often than not they have already purchased all the latest gear! Well, here at Mitre we have come up with the perfect solution – the personalised football. Just like the professionals see their names up in lights and on the back of shirts, you too can see your... Read More

Who’s The Best Between The Sticks?

The role of a goalkeeper is quite simple, protect your net. But with a team of 11 players raining down shot after shot, this can be quite a challenge.  The goalkeeper has one of the hardest positions on the pitch. Their team, the coaches and their fans count on them game after game to put their body on the line – literally! So we’ve decided to dedicate our time to 3 of the best keepers the EFL has to offer this season, and appreciate some serious talent between the sticks.... Read More

How to train like a top-flight footballer

There is no denying it, football is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. It requires 90 minutes of mud, sweat and (occasionally) tears – and that is not to mention the hours of training put in before the game. There are a number of key attributes and areas that top-flight footballers must work on if they are to  make it at the top level. The effort players put in on the training ground will echo their performance on the pitch. So footballers, take note, here is... Read More

The perfect technique: 4 tips for mastering the curved free-kick

When executed correctly, the curved free-kick is a thing of beauty. Having the ability to ping the ball around the the wall and back inside the post takes some serious skill – alongside a lot of practice! So here at Mitre we have decided to make it easier for you. Next time your team needs you to step-up to the mark, make sure you’re ready with these essential pointers. Vision First things first, pick a target. It’s all well and good having the ability to strike the ball with precision,... Read More

Dominating defence: the key to becoming a world-class defender

Potentially the most under-acknowledged position on the pitch. Rarely does a defender see their name up in lights for their goal-scoring abilities. But nevertheless, the role of a defender is as crucial as the next. Killing a potential threat on goal can be just as valuable as putting one away for your team up the other end. Protecting the keeper and ultimately your goal-line requires, grit, strength and sheer determination. Give yourself the best possible chance amongst the back-line with this ultimate guide to dominating in defence. Read the game As... Read More