Father’s Day 2017 : Mitre Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but don’t worry – you’ve still got plenty of time to buy a present for your Dad, Grandad, partner, or whoever else you might be panic-buying for over the next week or so! Father’s Day falls on Sunday 18th June this year, and Mitre has plenty of gift options available, whether your Dad enjoys football, rugby or simply lives in sportswear. The best bit about buying your Father’s Day gifts from Mitre is that our UK express delivery is only £3.85, meaning you’ll... Read More


Grassroots UK Netball – A Growing Sport

Grassroots netball experiencing unprecedented UK growth In December 2016, Sport England reported that over 180,000 people (aged 16+) are participating in netball weekly – which is over 25,000 more people than the year before and the highest figure since records began, a decade earlier. We spoke to netball player and coach, Siobhan Tarleton, first team coach for Merseyside’s Magenta Netball Club and under 11’s coach at Winwood Netball Club, to get her take on the unprecedented recent growth of the grassroots game. 1. Why do you think that the sport... Read More

The one’s to watch this season in the EFL

It’s safe to say that the season is well and truly underway, and some players are demonstrating to their managers and fans why they deserve their place in the starting 11. So here at Mitre, we have produced a rundown of the one’s to watch this season in the EFL. Josh Morris League One side Scunthorpe United are currently sitting in 3rd place, 3 points off the top spot – thanks to midfielder Josh Morris. So far this season, Morris has scored a total of 5 goals for United, averaging... Read More

How are the newly promoted coping in the EFL

It’s fair to assume that the feeling you get once you finally clinch promotion is like no other. Ending the season on such a high, the thought of next season must be deep in the back of your mind. But as the summer draws to a close and next season becomes this season, players entering a new division must prepare to go up against stronger, faster and outright harder opponents. So here at Mitre we have analysed, critiqued and studied some of the newly promoted teams in the EFL, to... Read More

How do footballs become approved by FIFA?

You might be too busy kicking the football around the look at the balls detail – but if you check out most of the Mitre footballs you’ll notice a stamp of approval.  Mitre’s professional and match footballs all bear these marks – the FIFA Quality Pro, FIFA Quality or IMS (International Matchball Standard) logo. So what is that stamp of approval? There are two types of FIFA stamps – FIFA Quality Pro and FIFA Quality. To get a ball approved there are tight regulations the ball must meet from the... Read More

6 rugby essentials to get to a professional level

Strength. Determination. Drive. Taking your love of rugby to a professional level is not for the fainthearted. Getting to the top of your game requires a consistent training routine, a healthy lifestyle and bags of willpower! And to top it off, every player must be suited and booted with the right equipment! So here at Mitre we brought to light the 6 essentials every player needs. Future stars, take note! A rugby-ball Numero uno. The rugby ball. An essential. It is crucial that players get to grips with the ball... Read More

5 tips for mastering the header

Whether you’re attacking or defending, learning how to control and direct the ball with your head is crucial.  Mastering the header requires practise, dedication and nerves of steel. But worry not. Here at Mitre we have come up with 5 tips that will give you a head start in the box, and help you win every aerial battle! Keep your eye on the ball Once the ball is airborne, keep your eyes locked on. Don’t lose contact with the ball. A successful header depends on timing and positing. If your... Read More

Scouting for success: 5 qualities the footy scouts look for!

Playing top quality football week in week out can be hard, even for the very best of players. So it’s little surprise that when the scouts come to visit, many players crack under the pressure. Make sure you stay on top of your game when the scouts show up by taking note of these sought-after qualities! Football Skills An obvious one, but first and foremost, scouts look out for first-class football skills. Whether you’re a goalkeeper or a striker – it doesn’t matter. Unsurpassed technique whilst on the ball is... Read More


Enthusiasm. Determination. How to keep kids motivated all season long… It doesn’t matter what sport it is, if you coach children or youth teams then you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges can be in managing the attendance and attitude of the participants. When kids first join a team then they are usually full of enthusiasm and very willing to be involved in whatever ways they can. However, after a few weeks or months, maybe when the weather isn’t so great or if not everyone feels that they are... Read More

Is your child the next football superstar?

Each great footballer was once an eager child. They lived football. Boots on, ball in hand, each and every day. But what does it really take for a child to become the next big thing? Here at Mitre, we believe there are two essentials to give your child that head start they deserve:Number 1 – a devoted coach, andNumber 2 – the crucial gear. Below is a definitive inventory for your child as they strive to become the next football superstar! 1.     A Local Team Shooting, dribbling and tackling might... Read More