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With our stadiums, terraces and pitches stood empty, it’s easy to feel a little lost without our beloved game. It’s having an impact on all our lives in a way that we could barely have imagined just a few weeks ago. But, remember, all you need is a ball. All you need is a ball to keep you entertained, keep you active, keep footy in your heart…and if there’s no one there to kick it back, we are (albeit virtually)! Get kickin’ in the garden, keepy-uppies on the patio, jumpers... Read More


Coaching Drills : The Skill Square

Favourite football coaching drills : The Skill Square Every football coach has their favourite training drill, or session, to run through with their squad. Whether it’s working on a specific technique, building player confidence, teaching a certain principle, or a mixture of them all, these drills can be a great way to help players of all ages and levels to progress their skill set. We spoke to FA accredited youth coach of an U9’s team in Liverpool, Chris Young, about the session he’s found most successful with his young team. ... Read More

3-football-training-drills-that-get-your-kids-moving/ 31/01/2020

3 football training-drills that get your kids moving!

Good football is built upon the foundation of pass and move. A team who can master this will see themselves win game after game. And a team who can do this with a pinch of pace thrown in will soar to the top of their table in no time. So with this in mind, why not make sure your kids are up-to-scratch when it comes to swift-movements and quick-plays on the field? It’s all-well-and-good being able to pass and run-on. But having the ability to use speed and acceleration to... Read More

Sunday league football 30/01/2020

15 phrases you’ll hear during Sunday League football

Every Sunday morning, thousands of amateur footballers battle against any combination of hangovers, dubious fitness levels and scandalous playing surfaces in a vain attempt to demonstrate that they’ve “still got it”. While the skill levels will inevitably be lacking, one aspect of the Sunday League game is as strong as the topflight.