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Enthusiasm. Determination. How to keep kids motivated all season long… It doesn’t matter what sport it is, if you coach children or youth teams then you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges can be in managing the attendance and attitude of the participants. When kids first join a team then they are usually full of enthusiasm and very willing to be involved in whatever ways they can. However, after a few weeks or months, maybe when the weather isn’t so great or if not everyone feels that they are... Read More


Keep Calm. Keep Cool. How to deal with discipline on the field… Those coaching footballers of any age or level will know that discipline issues can be tricky to deal with, whether during training sessions or behaviour whilst playing in matches. If you’re working with children and teenagers especially, this is something that every coach will need to tackle at some point. Discipline issues could include things such as late arrivals at training, an unwillingness to listen or adhere to instructions, over-enthusiastic players, through to behaviour such as unacceptable conduct... Read More

The key to becoming a successful captain

Having the honour to wear the captain’s armband takes more than just being a great footballer. As a captain you must lead your team to victory, week-in week-out. Once you step out onto the pitch, the manager is looking to you to take control. Lead by example, communicate and boost the team’s morale. Becoming the ultimate captain won’t happen overnight. But leading the way to victory will be that much easier if you bear in mind these simple steps.     Lead by example The manager has chosen you to... Read More


Mitre announces partnership with world’s first manager-less club Mitre has today announced their partnership with the world’s first manager-less football club, United London FC. The partnership sees Mitre Sports International become the Official Ball and Kit Supplier of United London FC. United London FC will play in the Essex Alliance Premier League – In an innovative and unique concept, team selection is decided purely by the fans using a simple democratic voting system. All football fans are invited to sign up to become a manager for free, and they can... Read More

4 simple steps for pulling off the perfect place kick

Conquering the place kick is essential for rugby players at the top of their game. Don’t miss-out on any points with these 4 crucial steps #madewithmitre   In rugby, the place kick is your team’s prime opportunity to win points from a kick at goal. It’s a crucial part of the match, and when given the chance it’s a sure-fire way of securing some extra points for your team. Any player on the pitch has the right to go for goal, so follow these steps to confirm your place as... Read More

3 essential qualities A scrum-half must possess

  The scrum-half. A crucial rugby position. As a scrum-half you are the link between the forwards and the backs.  You must feed the ball into the scrum and eagerly wait for its return. You make the majority of tactical decisions on the pitch. You need to be quick thinking, and have an even quicker pair of hands. So scrum-halfs take note, these essential qualities will help you run the show next time you’re on the field. A safe pair of hands and an excellent pass As a scrum-half you... Read More

How to be the ultimate goalkeeper

Every role on the pitch requires its own form of skill and ability. And many would argue that each position is just as demanding and crucial as the next. But here at Mitre we believe the one position that can really make or break a match, is the man between the sticks! Defending your team’s goal requires 90 minutes of dedicated focus and concentration. A single slip up, or lack of judgment, will cost your team the game. So, we’ve accumulated some essential do’s and don’ts for becoming the ultimate... Read More

Mastering The Long-Ball

Within any football match, the long-ball is going to utilised time and time again. Whether you see an opening up field or are clearing your line, the long-ball is a skill in its own right – and one that all players need to master! The long pass helps your team cover as much ground in the shortest time, and is perfect for switching play up. Below we’ve come up with some top tips for mastering the long-ball. The preparation Before you go for the long pass, have an idea off... Read More

4 tips for staying at the top of your game this summer

Make sure you keep your cool in the coming months of training with this ultimate guide to playing footy through the summer! #mitremoments 5-a-side at the park or a beach kick-about. Playing footy in the heat is inevitable and in fact most enthusiasts idea of a perfect way to spend the day. And who can blame them? There’s nothing better than a summer’s day spent with a few mates and a football. But the welcomed summer heat should not be considered a time to switch-off. If you want to stay... Read More

Is your child the next football superstar?

Each great footballer was once an eager child. They lived football. Boots on, ball in hand, each and every day. But what does it really take for a child to become the next big thing? Here at Mitre, we believe there are two essentials to give your child that head start they deserve:Number 1 – a devoted coach, andNumber 2 – the crucial gear. Below is a definitive inventory for your child as they strive to become the next football superstar! 1.     A Local Team Shooting, dribbling and tackling might... Read More