‘LOST LIONESSES’ 1971 ENGLAND WOMEN’S TEAM CELEBRATED IN FAN LED INITIATIVE The 1971 England Women’s Team, known as the ‘Lost Lionesses’, last night (03.08.2023) were presented with upcycled caps and a hand-crafted bespoke Mitre football to commemorate being trailblazers of Women’s Football at the National Football Museum.  The team, managed by Harry Batt, travelled to Mexico for a World Cup in 1971 – launching them to fame and stardom as they played in front of crowds of up to 90,000.  With Women’s Football still banned at the time, on their... Read More

3-football-training-drills-that-get-your-kids-moving/ 31/01/2020

3 football training-drills that get your kids moving!

Good football is built upon the foundation of pass and move. A team who can master this will see themselves win game after game. And a team who can do this with a pinch of pace thrown in will soar to the top of their table in no time. So with this in mind, why not make sure your kids are up-to-scratch when it comes to swift-movements and quick-plays on the field? It’s all-well-and-good being able to pass and run-on. But having the ability to use speed and acceleration to... Read More

Sunday league football 30/01/2020

15 phrases you’ll hear during Sunday League football

Every Sunday morning, thousands of amateur footballers battle against any combination of hangovers, dubious fitness levels and scandalous playing surfaces in a vain attempt to demonstrate that they’ve “still got it”. While the skill levels will inevitably be lacking, one aspect of the Sunday League game is as strong as the topflight.

The youngsters that have made the biggest impact on the EFL

  you cant win anything with kids –  – Alan Hansen MOTD 1995 Strong words from Alan Hansen regarding Manchester United and their opening game in 1995.  Despite his confident words and manner, Manchester United actually won the league that season – alongside the FA Cup! This was the start of United securing the first of what was to be two consecutive double-winning seasons – a feat never before seen in English football.  So it would seem Alan was wrong, you can win with kids. In fact, it’s possible to... Read More

The definitive guide to mastering the volley

The volley really is a showstopper. Scoring from a volley comes once in a blue moon for most players, but when it does happen, you can be sure the crowd will be up on their feet with their mouths wide open. Mastering this form of aerial acrobatics takes a lot time and some serious skill. Make it easier for yourself in the air with out definitive guide to pulling off the perfect volley! Step 1: Decision It is crucial that you make your mind up early when going for the... Read More

The key to becoming a successful captain

Having the honour to wear the captain’s armband takes more than just being a great footballer. As a captain you must lead your team to victory, week-in week-out. Once you step out onto the pitch, the manager is looking to you to take control. Lead by example, communicate and boost the team’s morale. Becoming the ultimate captain won’t happen overnight. But leading the way to victory will be that much easier if you bear in mind these simple steps.     Lead by example The manager has chosen you to... Read More

How to be the ultimate goalkeeper

Every role on the pitch requires its own form of skill and ability. And many would argue that each position is just as demanding and crucial as the next. But here at Mitre we believe the one position that can really make or break a match, is the man between the sticks! Defending your team’s goal requires 90 minutes of dedicated focus and concentration. A single slip up, or lack of judgment, will cost your team the game. So, we’ve accumulated some essential do’s and don’ts for becoming the ultimate... Read More

4 tips for staying at the top of your game this summer

Make sure you keep your cool in the coming months of training with this ultimate guide to playing footy through the summer! #mitremoments 5-a-side at the park or a beach kick-about. Playing footy in the heat is inevitable and in fact most enthusiasts idea of a perfect way to spend the day. And who can blame them? There’s nothing better than a summer’s day spent with a few mates and a football. But the welcomed summer heat should not be considered a time to switch-off. If you want to stay... Read More

#madewithmitre – fiat tradesman trials

Last week St Helens plasterer won a one month trial with an English Football League club through the FIAT Tradesman Trials. Winner, River Humphreys, 25, chose League One side Rochdale AFC. He was crowed the winner by ex-tradesmen Stuart Pearce, Dean Windass and Geoff Horsfield. All moments of the trials were #madewithmitre. River Humphreys beat off stiff competition from across the UK to win the Fiat Professional Tradesman Trials – a search to find a current tradesman who has the talent to make it as a professional footballer in the... Read More