How to get started in rugby

Depending on whether you are a junior or an adult, there are various ways to get involved in playing rugby. Whether you’re interested in rugby union, rugby league, wheelchair rugby or touch rugby, there are opportunities all over the UK for people of all ages and abilities to take up the sport. You might want to take part just for fun and to stay active, or maybe it’s something you want to take a little more seriously. Many secondary schools across the UK have rugby as part of their regular... Read More

6 rugby essentials to get to a professional level

Strength. Determination. Drive. Taking your love of rugby to a professional level is not for the fainthearted. Getting to the top of your game requires a consistent training routine, a healthy lifestyle and bags of willpower! And to top it off, every player must be suited and booted with the right equipment! So here at Mitre we brought to light the 6 essentials every player needs. Future stars, take note! A rugby-ball Numero uno. The rugby ball. An essential. It is crucial that players get to grips with the ball... Read More

4 simple steps for pulling off the perfect place kick

Conquering the place kick is essential for rugby players at the top of their game. Don’t miss-out on any points with these 4 crucial steps #madewithmitre   In rugby, the place kick is your team’s prime opportunity to win points from a kick at goal. It’s a crucial part of the match, and when given the chance it’s a sure-fire way of securing some extra points for your team. Any player on the pitch has the right to go for goal, so follow these steps to confirm your place as... Read More

3 essential qualities A scrum-half must possess

  The scrum-half. A crucial rugby position. As a scrum-half you are the link between the forwards and the backs.  You must feed the ball into the scrum and eagerly wait for its return. You make the majority of tactical decisions on the pitch. You need to be quick thinking, and have an even quicker pair of hands. So scrum-halfs take note, these essential qualities will help you run the show next time you’re on the field. A safe pair of hands and an excellent pass As a scrum-half you... Read More