Whatever your age, footballing ability and playing level, there are always things that can be worked on; whether you want to improve your own skills and technique, or are a coach looking for ways to help your team move on.

At Mitre, we’re firm believers that hard work on the training pitch always pays off on match days in the end, so we have created a number of downloadable and printable drill cards to help players and coaches to add a new dimension to their practice sessions.

Our drill cards are split into mini-sessions for players to work on:

  • Shooting
  • Passing and control
  • Passing under pressure
  • Turning with the ball
  • Heading the ball
  • Passing as a team
  • Agility
  • One vs one
  • Attack vs defence
  • Close control

Each drill card includes diagrams to demonstrate how the drill works, as well as setting out the requirements and equipment needed e.g. minimum number of players needed for the drill and whether any cones, bibs or goals are required. The card gives an explanation of each drill’s objectives and then provides several different options of how the drill can be run, with a separate beginner (level 1), intermediate (level 2) and advanced (level 3) set of instructions, so that coaches can tailor each drill to the group they are working with.

Once printed off, the Mitre drill cards are ideal for taking to training sessions or team practices and being used pitch-side, helping players and teams of all abilities to progress and improve their skill and technique levels.

Download the drill cards PDF by clicking here.