Size 5 Footballs: Indoor, Training & Match

Mitre size 5 footballs are designed to be used by those aged 14+ and are the standard full-size footballs used by adult professional leagues, clubs and teams across the world. Whilst it can be highly beneficial for younger footballers to train and play matches with smaller, lighter balls as they learn their craft and develop essential skills, players aged 14+ are usually ready to transfer that technique to full-size footballs.

The range of Mitre size 5 footballs includes professional balls used by the EPL, SPL and countless other leagues and tournaments across the globe. Whether you want a football to give as a gift, for a kickabout with your mates, for a team or club, or for your school, Mitre has something for everyone. Our size 5 range includes all of our best-selling footballs for grass, synthetic surfaces, and indoor venues, and are made to be durable and able to stand up to regular use in a variety of settings. 

As with Mitre footballs of all sizes, our standard-size footballs are designed and developed with the very latest in ball technology and cutting-edge materials, to help every footballer reach their full potential on the pitch, in the park and during training sessions. 

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Browse Mitre's complete range of size 5 footballs. We have everything from indoor, training and match footballs available in size 5.