Footballs FAQs

What size football do I need?

The sizing for footballs usually works on age groups. We would recommend the following -

0-36 months - Mini

3-6 years - Size 2

6-9 years - Size 3

9-14 years - Size 4

14+ years - Size 5

You can also find an easy to use size guide here.

How do I find the right ball for me?

There are certain types of footballs depending on what you're looking to get from the ball. The top end footballs come under 'Professional' which are usually used as a top end match ball and would be FIFA Approved. 'Match' footballs are top of the range match quality footballs usually used as a match day ball within grassroots football - they're affordable but also have great performance and are durable. A lot of these are also FIFA Quality or International Match Ball Standard and have the marks on the balls to prove the testing they've been through. 'Training' footballs would be made to be a bit more durable for regular use, and 'Recreational' are made to have a longer lasting bladder to be pumped less often, a great ball for us in the park or with friends.

As well as these footballs we stock some 'Specialist' balls, including indoor footballs, futsal balls (which have a weighted bladder), and balls specifically designed for use on astro turf or tarmac.


What is 'Hyperseam' technology?


Hyperseam technology is a revolutionary technology which delivers the benefits of both stitched and bonded footballs into one. It combines the power and accuracy of a stitched football with the control and consistency of bonded seam ball. Overall the range is - More accurate, faster off the foot, easier to control, water repellent, air and shape retaining as well as having a consistent feel and performance.


How long do I inflate the ball for?


Every football is different. On the ball around the area you place a needle is a recommended P.S.I. This is the pressure you should pump the ball to, to make sure you get the best possible performance. If you over inflate footballs the bladder can put pressure onto the material and split the ball.


How do I pump up a football?


We would suggest using a Mitre pump to do this - any within the range will work fine, alongside Glycerine, which is a lubricant as well as cleaning the valve when you enter the needle to increase performance. The needle needs to be lubricated before inserting - so this slowly to make sure you do not puncture the bladder.