Hyperseam Technology

Mitre have revolutionised football once again! Hyperseam technology is the most innovative technology is the game, delivering the benefits of both a stitched and bonded ball.

Stitched footballs are engineered to deliver superb speed, pin-point accuracy and increased power, but the addition of a bonded outer is designed to ensure a consistent feel, zero water-uptake and superior durability.

Hyperseam footballs are played with at the height of professional football - with the Delta Hyperseam used throughout the EFL, EFL Cup, SPFL and Suzuki Cup. But it's also available for grassroots players! Our Calcio Training ball has been re-engineered with Hyperseam to allow clubs to benefit from the enhanced performance to help them perform like a pro - whilst delivering the durability and longevity craved by coaches and managers. 

You can check out our Hyperseam range here.


Unique textured pimple surface is engineered to deliver a pure in-flight path, straight into the top corner!

Embossed grooves provide up to 400% more stability at speeds of 30-45mph vs a rivalled flat panel construction. Air flow is manipulated around the football, reducing drag and turbulence.

This is turn allows the football to remain straight, with no in-air movement, delivering more accuracy for strikers, and a clearer flight path for goalkeepers. Pimpled texture also increases grip and control – making this the professionals choice! 

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Aircell Tecnhology

Aircell technology is the next generation of protection. Specifically designed to be ultra-lightweight, with innovative air-flow system - supporting ventilation and improving performance. 

Totally breathable design helps keep you cool and comfortable for the full 90 minutes, and reduces build-up of moisture - allowing you to concentrate on the game. 

Extra-cushioned dual density foam absorbs high impacts to a professional level, meaning superior protection and ultimate confidence in crunching 50/50 challenges. All our shin pads go through rigorous testing - and all are certified for use at the highest level of the game.

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Intelligent Compression

The newest innovation in base-layers has landed.

Mitre's intelligent compression is designed to reduce muscle fatigue during exercise, reducing the build up of lactic acid and increasing your recovery time after intense game situations. Our garments are enhance to help you perform at your peak, for longer.

Performance material boosts player concentration and focus through enhanced circulation and increased oxygen flow - helping you keep your eye on the game. The fabric draws moisture away from the skin to regulate body temperature for ultimate comfort, and mesh panels increase air flow.

Make sure you're prepared to perform like a pro on game-day by viewing the range here.

ProFabric Technology

Quality, style and performance rank at the top of must-haves when we design our clothing ranges. That's why we've teamed up with leading designers and brands from around the world to deliver ProFlow and ProShield performance fabric. 

ProFlow - is engineered to deliver unrivalled moisture control. Our ProFlow apparel range are created using breathable performance fabric designed to wick sweat away from the body. They'll keep you dry and comfortable in high intensity situations, the technology focuses on helping you to perform at your peak, for longer, through every training drill and match you face. Delivering innovation to professionals and grassroot players.

ProShield - ensuring superior protection in all-weathers. Innovative performance fabric engineered to shield you from the elements. Designed to keep you warm and dry in the toughest training conditions. Crafted and developed alongside leading outdoor sports brand Berghaus, to deliver a collaborative innovation which shields you throughout the winter months.

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Punch Zone Technology

Mitre are the one-stop shop for footballers! Not only do we deliver world-leading footballs and guards which offer unrivalled protection - but we also kit out the keeper!

Our incredible Punch Zone technology enhances the distance and speed from goal you can punch the ball - by helping to propel it further away.

The Punch Zone are is developed to increase power and accuracy, and is a great tool for keepers looking to have the edge over attackers during set-pieces or crosses. A great tool to improve your performance whilst boosting your confidence when the ball comes into the box. 

Check out our Mitre Goalie Gloves here - and make sure you have a better chance of keeping a clean sheet.