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Club & Coaches - What is Mitre United?

The Mitre United scheme is a national initiative to support grassroots football and encourage every football club to try Mitre's quality teamwear range. The key feature is a free kit offer, available through our trusted retail partners.

The scheme provides registered clubs with £200 worth of free kit, selected footballs or equipment for every £2000 RRP they spend on Mitre or Prostar teamwear and training wear. The offer reflects Mitre's commitment to football at a grassroots level and we're confident that local clubs and leagues can benefit from the kit solution at a competitive price throughout the period of the campaign which runs from 1st March 2017 to 28th  February 2020.

It's simple to join the Mitre United scheme and get your free welcome pack.

Here's how it works :

1. Sign Up. Simply register here!

2. *You're Welcome! You'll receive a free gift, a welcome pack and regular updates from Mitre.

3. Start Shopping. Spend £2000 and choose from selected free product up to £200 RRP

4. Great Save! Collect your free kit, wear it and play!

*Welcome Packs issued after an initial £100.00 RRP spend with your retailer

Mitre United Details

Once you've registered your club as part of the Mitre United scheme you'll receive an email from Mitre confirming your registration - and once you’ve spent an initial £100.00 RRP with your retailer, then you'll receive your free Mitre Welcome Pack including a free gift. Simply email to request this.  The Welcome Pack will include details about the scheme, Mitre catalogue and six free bibs for your club.

You can then start spending with your selected retailer. Every time you spend the retailer will log your spend and you can request updates on how you’re spend is tracking by contacting  Make sure all the teams at your club use the same reference as your retailer when placing their orders.

Available to order on the scheme are all training and teamwear clothing, Mitre Apparel, Impel Max or Ultimatch Plus footballs as well as our Speed Agility Training Set.  Once you have spent £2000 you will be allocated £200 of spend on the products mentioned - to make sure you can kit your club out in our one stop shop.  All you need to do is let your retailer know you’d like to order free goods, we’ll send it out to them and let you know when it is on its way.

How does the RRP spend work?

We work the scheme on the RRP value of the products which you're purchasing and therefore you might not even have to spend £2000 to claim your free £200. If you received a 10% discount on your order with your trusted retailer you'd actually only spend £1,800 - however you've actually purchased £2,000 worth of product at full RRP and therefore you receive your free £200.

Thanks for being part of our team - we look forward to welcoming you to Mitre United.

Full Scheme Details

Here at Mitre  we're dedicated to developing real football at every level of the game. As part of this, we’ve launched a new scheme called ‘Mitre United’ which is an evolution from the Kit-back scheme which ran from the 1st March 2016 and ended on the 28th February 2017.


The Mitre United scheme is a national initiative to support grassroots football and encourage every football club to try Mitre teamwearThe key feature is a free kit offer, available through our trusted retail partners.

The scheme provides registered clubs with £200 RRP of kit for free with every £2000 RRP they spend on Mitre and / or Prostar Teamwear or Training wear. The new offer reflects Mitre andProstar's commitment to football at a grassroots level and we're confident that local clubs and leagues can benefit from this kit solution at a competitive price. Mitre United will also give away extra prizes* such as match tickets and kit throughout the period of the campaign.


How does it work?

Your football club (or retailer on your club’s behalf) can simply register at Upon registration, the football club and their assigned retail supplier will receive a confirmation email of registration, subsequently a welcome pack will then be sent by post directly to the contact from that football club. The welcome pack will contain the following items: six bibs (junior or senior options), catalogue, further information about the scheme as well as the club’s Mitre United membership card with its own unique club reference.


Football clubs can then continue purchasing teamwear & training wear with their local retailer. Each spend will contribute to the target £2000 at Mitre  and / or Prostar’s RRP. Every time your club reaches £2000 RRP spend, this gives your club £200 RRP free to spend on Mitre and Prostar selected products with your local retailer between the 1st March 2017 and 28th February 2020.


Every two weeks both your football club and local retail partner will receive an account status report by email which will state what you have spent see how close your club is to the next free £200 RRP.  We only deal with the full retail value, so if a retailer gives your club a discount we don't take that into consideration. For example, if you place an order with your retailer for £1000 at RRP or Mitre and / or Prostar items but with a 10% discount applied from your retailer to only spend £900, your account status report will state the RRP value of £1,000.


Other information

Clubs already registered in the Kit-back scheme. If a Mitre or Prostar football club was registered as part of the Kit-back scheme and has spend accumulated as part of this, the value of this can automatically roll over into the new Mitre United scheme. All Kit-back registered football clubs will have to re-register themselves into the new Mitre United scheme in order receive this along with their welcome pack into Mitre United and other stated benefits.

Items which can be ordered with Mitre United to build spend: The following items will contribute to your Mitre United account at RRP: Mitre teamwear and training wear, Prostar teamwear and training wear**. The purchase of Mitre equipment such as footballs, gloves, guards, accessories and bags will not contribute to this

Free Kit Item Order: Upon reaching the £2000 spend to unlock the £200 free RRP value, Football clubs can order any of the following items: Mitre teamwear and training wear, Prostar teamwearand training wear**, agility / speed training kit, Ultimatch Plus or Impel Max footballs in available sizes and colours. Other items not stated such as gloves, guards, and other footballs cannot be redeemed with the £200 RRP gift of kit amount.

*Extra Prizes: Throughout the course of the Mitre United scheme, registered football clubs will have the chance to win prizes such as: e-wallet credit on, EFL match tickets, Mitre kit, VIP EFL Match experiences

**Prostar Teamwear and Training  wear:  Prostar and teamwear training wear can be purchased as part of the Mitre United Scheme only up until 29th December 2017.  After this date, Prostar branded items will no longer be available for purchase. Any Prostar football clubs have the options of either placing any last orders before this date, build spend with Mitre branded teamwear and / or use their free £200 RRP gift of kit value on Mitre footballs or Mitre teamwear or Mitre training wear ongoing.

 General: All Mitre and Prostar teamwear and training wear is available for order only while stocks last. The deal does not include products which are on the extra time / clearance section. Onlyitems which have been invoiced will show on the account status report. Any items on back order, forward order, or not invoiced at the point of the report being done will not show.  Football Clubs can use their unique hashtag reference with different retailers, a new hashtag therefore does not need to be created for purchase via a new retailer. Football clubs which have been registered in the Mitre United but have not spent £100 within one year of registration will be automatically closed.