Stay On Target

When the most iconic movie franchise in the universe joins forces with the world's original football brand, you know the action will be unmissable. Just as football is a constant in our lives, so is Star Wars. Uniting the two gives us the opportunity to celebrate the beautiful game, and our favourite movies with a series of Star Wars Mitre balls.

Pick your Side

Light or Dark? Pick your team and create the ultimate Star Wars™ ball with your Scriball pens. Who will triumph? The real battle starts now!

Target Practise

When you've got your sights on your enemy, you just can't miss - every shot must count.That's where the Star Wars Galaxy Target Net comes in. Pop open your goal to reveal an awesome target net on one side so you can practise being on target first time, every time. And when you're ready for a proper game, flip it over to play with the standard goal. Practise makes perfect!

Blast It!

Combine the gripping intergalactic adventures of Star Wars with Mitre's legendary match footballs and what do you get? The best football in this - and any other - galaxy, that's what. Tackle, pass, shoot and score - be a winner, it is your destiny.