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Buy football training equipment from Mitre

At Mitre, we do more than manufacture state of the art, pro-standard footballs. We also provide professional quality training equipment, to help you and your team take performance to the next level

From basic football training equipment like space markers, cones and bibs to innovative training tech like evasion belts, resistance chutes and agility ladders, we provide quality, reliable training gear built to last for seasons, in any weather.

Our highly portable poles, training hurdles, and foldable goals can be taken just about anywhere, because you don't need the luxury facilities of Carrington or Cobham training grounds to up your game. All you need is some open space and a healthy dose of motivation.

Why not pick up our Agility and Speed Training Kit to transform your game for the season ahead? Because during pre-season, it is important to put in the hard yards and build up stamina, but it's equally important to run effective agility and sprinting drills to condition your body for the many demands of match action.

Football players need a burst of pace and a fast change of direction throughout a match, whether they're a pro, a weekend footballer or a five-a-side superstar. Mitre football training kit provides everything you need to run drills which are designed to boost match fitness.

It's important to get your legs moving, but the dynamics of football mean that upper body development is just as important too.

Our football goals allow you to take your game on the road. They're portable and simple to set up. Take a set of bibs and you can quickly and easily set up a practice match to hone your skills and play some live game scenarios.

We also have a selection of goods perfect to help your team make training as easy as possible. With a selection of ball sacks, kit and trolley bags and foldable product, Mitre have you in mind when creating the ideal product.

Purchase training equipment today from the Mitre online store and take your game to the next level.


Preparation needs to be right as the new season begins. The Mitre online store has everything you need for a winning pre-season. Because pre-season isn't just about photo opportunities with fans and friendlies half way around the world, it's about hard work, fitness and, perhaps most importantly, getting a hold of a ball for the first time since your summer break. There is no game without a ball, and you don't have to settle for second best because there is a high quality football here for every budget.


Our training balls are ideal for an intensive pre-season. They're affordable full size footballs made t play as well on grass and astro turf. They're hardy and built to last for plenty of pre-seasons to come. We also have junior balls like the Mitre JNR Lite 290 football, and the Mitre JNR Lite 360. The 290 is a size 4 ball which weights no more than a size 3, in order to boost confidence in younger players. The 360 is a size 5 football weighing the same as a size 4, for exactly the same purpose.

Training Equipment

With cones, hurdles, ladders, poles and much more, you can run professional training drills to boost all of the kinds of fitness you'll need to play at a high level. Our foldable goals can be set up just about anywhere, for training sessions, practice matches and kickabouts. You can also order bibs which will help with organisation of your training sessions.

Once you have everything you need, you can get stuck into some quality training sessions.

If you're not a pro, then pre-season training should be tough but fair. There are 3 golden rules for pre-season football training.

The first golden rule is no conditioning or physical training on day one. Instead, kick start you pre-season with a kick around. Get your legs moving and your touch on the ball without placing too much strain on your body.

The second rule is not to perform conditioning training on consecutive days. Instead, plan at least one tactical training day between each one. This will cut down on the accumulation of fatigue and ensure that players are in peak condition in time for the first game of the season. Cutting down on fatigue is likely to cut down on injuries. Getting ready for the new season is one thing, but overdoing it defeats the purpose.

The third and final golden rule is to keep it relevant. If an aspect of training doesn't resemble the sport or a particular part of the mechanics of the game, then it is irrelevant.

With our help, you can keep training relevant, but most importantly fun, so buy the things you need today.